>>>recipe 1 (raptor steak)<<<

First, you'll need to find one of those yellow raptors. Once you've found one, don't shoot him. The bullets will make him taste of gun powder. What you need to do is approach him with a baseball bat and hit him as hard as you can between the eyes. If you put enough force behind your blow, the raptor should now be dead. Trek around the surrounding jungle and gather some dry sticks, leaves, and small logs and pile them up in a cone shape. Plant four strong logs into the ground to form an X shape on either side, be sure to save one for later. Get out your Uzi (or any other firearms you happen to have) and tear off a bit of your clothing. Place the piece of fabric on a hard rock and take up an angle that you wont get killed by the rebound. Aim and fire. Pick up the sad piece of clothing and blow on it to make it flame up, then light the fire with it. Whilst the fire gets heated up, get that tough stick we saved and use your knife (assuming you have one, if you don't you may have to use your teeth) and sharpen one end. Get your knife out again (or a sharp stone, using your teeth to perform the following task is not recommended) and slice the raptor's belly open and gut it, like you would a fish. Dispose of the guts. Get your sharpened stick and force it down the raptors neck and out the other side. Hoist your pierced raptor onto the two X shaped sticks. Leave to bake for about an hour, turn, and leave for another hour. You may want to use the sun or moon if you don't have a watch. Once the raptor is nice and crispy all over, you may take him down. Place him on a big, flat stone and skin him. You may want to keep the skin, it makes a good coat. Now, if you're on Island Sarcasm, you should easily be able to find some little flowers called Ooblers. They are bright blue with on orange center and black stripes on the petals. Avoid the Relboo flower, it looks exactly like the Oobler, except the center is yellow, not orange, and it's instantly fatal if you eat it. They usually grow in dinosaur feces. Cut off a slice of raptor with your knife (or sharp stone) and put a few of the Oobler flowers' petals on it. The raptor is now ready to eat.

Notes: recommend eating with some Balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt.


>>>Recipe by isla sorna chef:TheGuy<<<


>>>recipe 2 (smoked rex)<<<

Even for the heartiest of trespassers Rexes are more than a meal, but is seems such a waste to leave that much meat for the scavengers, if you're in an area with few predators you can make camp and carve up the rex before it goes bad, now the best action you can take is cut down a few palms and make a smoking tent or teepee from their trunks (which are also good fuel for the fire to smoke the meat) and use their leaves to weave a waterproof cover for the smoking tent (be sure to leave a chimney at the top, now you can smoke your rex. Smoked meat takes up less room in your improvised backpack and also weighs less. this method can be used with Albertosaurs out on the plains provided you can find somewhere safe, this also has the added advantage that you can make an smoked alberto sandwich (see sandwitches section) made with grass seed bread (see plains bread in breads section) which is delicious if kept dust free.

>>>Recipe by island chef: Shadow Wolf<<<


>>>Feild cooked brachi-burger<<<

If you need a meal that will last for a long time and taste delicous try eating a brachi-burger!
If you happen to find raptor bait try to make the raptors follow the trail to a brachi and wait untill the brach falls to the ground... Once this happens set the field around you on fire to slowly cook the raptors AND the brach. After you have cooked all the dinos set the raptors up for bait, and see if you can also get some compy jerky to go with your burger... Now get your slices of bread that you have made (see bread section) and a sharp rock to slice of a hunk off slow roasted brach, and dive into a nice burger!  yum!

>>>Recipe by island chef:Draco master<<<