>>>recipe 1 (compy jerky)<<<

If you happen to be on the move and are in need of a quick snack find some feces or use your own... and then lay it on the ground and wait in the trees. soon you should attract a compsognathus (a small green lizard like dinosaur) now with you weapon on hand or a stick or rock even your foot if your fast enough bash the compy and kill it. Then using a sharp rock or knife gut it from head to tail cutting along the belly and eat the organs if needed (remember this is for on the move need some food) and then using 2 rocks smack them together over a tipi of fire wood and lay the compy over the sticks. in about 15 minutes flip it over and cook the other side and eat. There you go a 35-39 minute meal. If you happen to have more time and arent being hunted by a pack of raptors wanting there eggs back you can cook it for 30 minutes on each side making it a 60 minute delicessi but as with most delicessis its a small meal but it will keep you going a few more miles.

>>>Recipe by island shef:dartheric<<<


>>>recipe 2 (tricaratops vending)<<<

Of course, if you're not much of a huntsman, there's also the Vending-machine Splendor.
To start, simply find the nearest Triceratops Soda machine, break off the lock with a hammer, and pick out the can with the least damage. Pour this into an opened crate (one with no leaks). Then, find a food vending machine in the Embryonics Administration, kick through the glass with your foot (caution to those of old age), and pick out all the as-yet-unrotted snacks that include nuts. Mix these with the soda in the crate. Now add some uprooted plants from the surrounding area (you may wish to remove the leaves/stem and include only the roots). Grind it up with a small rock for a minute and a half. That should do it! Slurp and enjoy.

>>>Recipe by island chef:draconisaurus<<<


>>>recipe 3 (you stole raptor eggs)<<<

Know if you happen to have some raptor eggs and are very hungry and (only in this situation) are leaving the island soon you can use 2 rocks and start a fire over a circle of sticks with a piece of sheet metal over it and crack the eggs open. cook for about 5 minutes and eat. please dont try this unless your literally on a helipad on some abandon sumit for example and are awaiting a helicopter allready called our you will end up like the late Mr.Arnold.

>>>Recipe by island chef:dartheric<<<


>>>recipe 4 (fermeldahide)<<<


if you need some food REALLY BAD you can eat those dinosaur bodys in the tanks in the ingen facility. its grose but its meat and in the fermeldahide its still eatish but i wouldent recommend this.

poor uduski didnt know it really was a four seasons

>>>Recipe by island chef:dartheric<<<


>>>recipe 5 (Flash Fried)<<<

I do know that if you take the cattle prod, or use the dynamite, you can flash fry some dinosaurs to a well cooked state. And Nedry's office is bound to have some BBQ sauce

>>>Recipe by island chef:Second Illiteration<<<