need some bread to put you spinosaurus mayo on with your T-REX turkey?

Search no further!



>>>BREAD MAKING METHON 1:helipads<<<

Believe it or not the only safe place for your bread rising is at the top of a tree or, A HELIPAD!                Well if your reading this you obviously have some sense and are getting ready in case you crash on Isla Sorna.   First you will need some weet and you can find this in the fields near RAPTOR territorry "DADADA".dont worry the raptors are either bright red bight yellow or something else silly so you will see it coming and mabey get some meat for later. After collecting the weet and (if you got some meat check the slow meals section)you can know go to any helipad ingen kindly left behind wih no helicopters on them and find a crate lying around and smash or cut it into sawdust. then find some water and put everything on the helipad. know mix everything together with about 2 cups of water and mash it up. Let it sit for about 6 hours and go get soem compy jerky or something(see quick meals) and when you come back the sun will have shined on the tall helipad and made you some tasteless bread that with toppings is yummy.

>>>bread making method by island chef:dartheric<<<